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Prosthetics and Orthotics

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Upper and Lower Limb Prosthetics


We provide customized upper and lower limb prosthetics that are fabricated and delivered to our patients in our North Austin location.  Our experienced and compassionate staff will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction and confidence with your prosthesis.

Orthotics (Body Braces)


Whether it's custom foot orthotics, a knee brace, wrist brace, or a wide variety of other customized body braces, our well trained staff will work with your doctor to provide just the right orthosis that you need to pursue a better quality of life.  Each person's needs are unique, and we are equipped to discover which appliance should serve you best.

Comprehensive Education


We believe that a thorough education regarding orthopedic appliances is key to whether you achieve success with our products and your wellness goals. We make it a priority to fully educate you on what to expect from the appliance, how to interpret your body's reaction to it, and when to follow-up with us for any necessary adjustments.